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Play To Grow is a play therapy service helping children with cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural problems. Play To Grow is a special education provider in the East Cork / West Waterford area

Contact Information

Click to call 087 954 3174
Floor 2, 59 South Main Street, Youghal, Co. Cork
Counselling and Advisory Services
OUR SERVICES: Play therapy is a form of counselling for children who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives due to cognitive, social, emotional and / or behavioural issues.
Unlike therapy for adults where they go and talk through their difficulties; at Play To Grow children use toys to help them express their thoughts and feelings and help them process their difficulty so as to enable them to have a better understanding of their world so they can cope.
Possible referral issues include:

Emotional or behavioural issues
Communication difficulties
Delayed or uneven development
Learning difficulties
Relationship difficulties
Family Disruptions such as illness, separation, divorce Trauma Bereavement or loss Chronic illness/hospitalisation Bonding and attachment issues Fostering, adoption and identity issues.
ADD, ADHD, Autism
Selective Mutism
Low Self-Esteem
Poor play skills
At Play To Grow we work with children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties such as delayed or uneven development, learning difficulties, family disruptions, anxiety, bullying, low self esteem, bereavement, abuse. Places are limited so if you are interested in this service please get in touch.